Are golf cart enclosures worth it?

Aside from providing you increased comfort and increasing your ability to play a few rounds if there’s light rain (and no thunder, of course), golf cart enclosures and covers are a great way to avoid excessive dust buildup and keep pests out. They’re particularly fitting for golf carts that have to be stored outside.

What is the difference between Club Car and Club Car Precedent?

The Club Car DS body panels on the rear and front are made of fiberglass and plastic respectively that makes them quite sturdy. On the other hand, the frame of the Club Car Precedent is made of flexible and bendable material with a 360° wraparound bumper.

Does Club Car still make the Precedent?

In January 2004, Club Car launched the Precedent, a golf cart that set a new standard for performance, style, and comfort. The Club Car Precedent is the latest and most modern golf cart produced by the Club Car brand.

Club Car Precedent.

Personal UseGolf Course Use
Precedent i2Precedent 4FUN

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What does DS stand for on a Club Car?

What does DS stand for in Club Car golf carts? The Club Car DS model type, in production from 1980 to 2014, was named after Dom Saporito, a vehicle designer at Club Car in the 1980s.

Is Club Car Precedent AC or DC?

When you’re behind the wheel of our new high performance vehicle, you’ll experience the power, torque, and acceleration only possible by AC-drive technology. The next generation of performance is here with the Onward HP by Club Car.

What years did they make the Club Car Precedent?

Club Car Precedents were introduced in 2004 and are the newest design in the Club Car family.

How do I know if my Club Car is a DS or president?

1982-Present DS Models have a distinct square front nose with a small black plastic bumper on the lower part of the front end. 2004-Present Precedent Models have a more rounded front nose with a wide black plastic bumper that wraps all the way around the cart.

Are Precedent golf carts good?

Overall, the Club Car Precedent line is a great vehicle for those getting used to Golf Carts. They are easy to find and readily available at a variety of price points. If buying electric, then we recommend purchasing with brand new batteries or at least with batteries that are less than a year old.

Are all Club Car Precedent keys the same?

Club Car

Club Car’s vehicles enjoy the luxury of taking one key that fits all their carts manufactured post-1982. If your cart is older than that, it belongs in a museum. But, jokes aside, you will need to change the ignition switch to cater to a newer key model.

How do I start my Club Car Precedent without the key?

Insert the tip of your screwdriver in the ignition switch’s slot. Move the screwdriver up and down gently but firmly until you can turn the tool around the same way you would turn a key. This should fire up the cart.

How do I theft proof my golf cart?

Preventing Golf Cart Theft
  1. SECURELY STORE YOUR CART. Whenever possible, store your cart in a locked garage or shed.

How fast is a Club Car Precedent?

Before install, top speed was 14/15 miles per hour. After install, 18/19 mph.

What is better 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart?

Is a 48V Golf Cart More Powerful Than a 36V Golf Cart? 48V golf carts have improved torque, better pulling/hauling power up hills and around rough terrain, and just have more overall power in general.

Will lithium batteries make my golf cart faster?

More Power Means More Speed

A lithium golf cart battery has more power than a comparably sized SLA battery. What this means for your golf cart is a huge improvement in speed and power. The more power your batteries give your engine, the easier it is for the cart to navigate uneven terrain.

How far can a golf cart go on a full charge?

Depending on the manufacturer, most gas golf carts have between a 5 and 6 gallon gas tank and get about 40 miles to the gallon. Electric golf carts with fully charged batteries in perfect condition get about 35 miles to the full charge.

Should you plug in your golf cart every night?

Manufacturers suggest leaving your golf cart plugged in all of the time while using an auto battery charger, as it will keep the batteries fully charged and always available. If batteries are not charged for prolonged storage, they may damage over time and deliver less capacity.

What is the average life span of a golf cart?

The average lifespan of an electric golf cart is between 20 and 40 years. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you do not keep up with the proper maintenance, there is no guarantee that the electric golf cart will last even ten years.

What lasts longer electric or gas golf cart?

Both carts are very reliable, but newer electrics do generally last longer than gas. On an electric cart, there are fewer parts and therefore fewer parts to go bad. with a gas cart, you have clutches, carb, fuel pump, belts, valves, starter and more.

What is the best brand of golf carts to buy?

  • Garia Monaco. CLUB CAR.

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